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​​​​Bare Arms Ltd. Course Joining Criteria: Last updated 17/01/2020

Firearms are incredibly dangerous in the wrong hands, and they aren't suitable for everyone to be handling on set. The Bare Arms Theatrical Firearms Courses (TFC's) are designed for those who will be handling real, or blank firing weapons, so that they can learn how to operate them safely and competently. In order to ensure that students that attend the Theatrical Firearms Courses (TFC's) are of a good professional standard, we introduced joining criteria to all our courses from November 2019 onwards. This change in criteria does not affect anyone who has already booked onto a course pre-November 2019, or anyone who has already attended a Bare Arms course and is looking to continue their training.

Potentially students will need to satisfy one or more of the criteria listed below. This is not an exhaustive list, so if you feel that you have other circumstances which could qualify please get in touch. The legal requirement for handling firearms is still extant, and all students must have a DBS/background check to ensure they aren't prohibited from handling weapons.

Potential students must fall into one or more of the following criteria:

1. Stunt Performers

​    Potential students must be one of the following;

        a. BSR Member

        b. BSR Trainee with at least 2 qualifying competencies as set out in the BSR Application Requirements available here

        c. Independent stunt performer with a clear history of performance.

2. Actors

    Potential students must be one of the following;

        a. ​Spotlight Member

        b. Equity Member

        c. Have a strong letter of recommendation from a reputable acting agent or agency (not background/SA/extra).

        d. Have attended a recognised drama school (eg from the old Drama UK list available here)

​3. Motion Capture    

    Potential students must have attended a course run by one of the following companies;

        a. The Mocap Vaults

        b. The Performance Capture Academy

4. Special Action Performers

    Potential students must be have a strong history of Special Action Work with a reputable agency, and show that they are trained to a high level.

5. Crew, Technical and Creatives

    Potential students must be able to demonstrate that there is a requirement to be trained. Examples might include;

        a. Stage management

        b. Prop/Art department

        c. Creative such as a writer conducting research for a project.

6. Overseas Students

    Potential students must be able to demonstrate that they meet a similar requirement to any of the above categories in their home country.

7. Ex-Military

    Whilst the course is not designed for ex-military personnel trying to get into the industry, we do accept a small number on the course. Whilst        some aspects of the course will be revision for those with previous experience, there will be a lot of new information about firearms and their        applications within the theatrical industries. Ex-military personnel joining the industry will also benefit from the knowledge of other more                experienced students and the networking opportunities that frequently arise on the courses. If you are ex-military, please provided a detail            service history including units and dates.

If you have any questions about any of the above criteria or feel that you are an exception, please contact Bare Arms using the address