​​​Bare Arms Ltd. Course Booking Terms & Conditions: Last updated 12/06/2019

“It is an offence under Section 21 Firearms Act 1968 as amended, for anyone convicted of a criminal offence, to handle, possess, or shoot a firearm and ammunition (this includes Air Guns). If the sentence was for more than three years the prohibition is for life; if less than three years the prohibition is for five years (note: it is the sentence, not the time served, which is the determining factor).”

1. Bookings. Bare Arms Limited reserves the right to decline a booking for any reasonable reason, and will contact you in writing if this is the case. If a booking is declined, a full refund will be made. A booking is not complete until the booking form has been completed correctly and the deposit has been made.

2. Payment. In order to book your place, a deposit of £110 must be made. The balance must be paid 14 days before starting the course. Any late payment is subject to a £15 administration charge. If you are unable to pay the balance for whatever reason please contact the Bare Arms team before the 14 day point.

3. Accommodation. Accommodation at Monkton Wylde Court is arranged and paid for on behalf of the students via ‘disbursement’ payments. As Monkton Wylde Court is a charity, it isn’t required to charge VAT, whereas Bare Arms is. Any accommodation or food charge is passed by Bare Arms onto the student (A Disbursement) without the addition of any services, and therefore no VAT is added.
As a result Bare Arms is not liable for any problems with accommodation or food, but will represent and support the student if any problems arise.

4. Criminal Records. In line with the passage at the top of the page, it is illegal for anyone who has been convicted of a criminal offence and sentenced to more than 3 years, to handle any firearms, and as such are prohibited from the Theatrical Firearms Course (TFC). If an applicant was sentenced to 3 years or less, but has served the 5 year prohibition, it is at the discretion of the MD of Bare Arms Limited if that person is allowed to take part in a TFC.

5. Cancellations
        a. 28 days +
If you need to cancel a place 28 days or more prior to the start of the course, then you can either; postpone your place to a later course free of charge; or obtain a refund minus a £15 cancellation charge.
        b. 14-28 days
If you need to cancel a place between 14 and 28 days before the start of the course, then Bare Arms will attempt to fill your place. If this is possible, then the same options are available to you as 28 days +. If it isn’t possible to fill your place then unfortunately you will lose your deposit. Any other payment over the deposit that has been made up until this time will be refunded.
        c. Less than 14 days
If you need to cancel a place less than 14 days before the start of the course, then Bare Arms will attempt to fill your place. If this is possible then the same options are available to you as 28 days +. If it isn’t possible to fill your place then unfortunately you will liable for the full cost of the course.
        d. Illness/Injury
Should you need to cancel at any point due to injury or illness a copy of a valid, then you may be allowed a refund at the discretion of the MD of Bare Arms (minus a £15 admin fee) if you obtain a dated doctor’s certificate. If you are taken ill during a course, then you may be allowed to attend the next course, starting at the point where you finished, for a reduced fee based on the amount of the course completed.
        e. Cancellation by Provider
If a course is cancelled by Bare Arms Limited due to unforeseen circumstances, Bare Arms will offer either full refund or arrange a place on a new course at a later date.

6. Injuries/Disabilities.  Bare Arms is a very supportive of any students with injuries and/or disabilities. We will attempt to accommodate all students to the best of our ability, and modify parts of the training in order to do so. However, given the nature of the training, there may be some elements of the course which are not accessible to some people without impacting excessively on the training of other students. Please be honest on your booking form in order to help us support you. If you want to discuss anything in more detail, or ask questions, please call the office on the number on our website.

7. Alcohol and Drugs Policy.  Bare Arms operates a strict no drugs policy during training. If anyone is suspected to be impaired by the influence of any substances whilst on the course, Bare Arms instructors have the right to deny individuals access to the premises where training is taking place and the training itself. In this instance no refunds will be offered.

8. Safety.  The Bare Arms Theatrical Firearms course is designed to be as safe as possible for students and instructors, however firearms are inherently dangerous. Safety equipment such as ear defence and eye protection are supplied and the wearing of these items during any firing is strictly enforced. In order to remain safe, students must adhere to commands from course instructors in a timely fashion. Bare Arms Limited has the right to remove any student that is unsafe and/or disregards commands from instructors. In this instance no refunds will be offered and the student will not be allowed to attend any other Bare Arms courses.

9. Liability.  Any live-firing contains some element of risk. All students will required to sign into ‘The Tunnel’ upon arrival on the first day. This will act as a Liability & Waver agreement as per ‘The Tunnel’s’ rules and regulations. When on The Tunnel Premises, students are under this waiver. On occasion Bare Arms Ltd. may offer transportation to the TFC Students and their associates. This is done at entirely the Customer’s own risk, and Bare Arms Ltd. and associates are not liable for any damages that may arise.
One-on-one training if arranged outside of the Tunnel facilities is again entirely at the Customer’s own risk.

10. Personal Data Protection.  Bare Arms Limited and The Tunnel follow strict data protection guidelines. Personal information will never be shared without first obtaining written consent from the owner. By booking a place on the course, students are giving permission to Bare Arms Limited to use photos containing them for promotional and other business related uses. If any student wishes to opt out of this, then a written exemption needs to be sent to courses@barearms.co.uk before starting the course.  

If you have any questions about any of the above Terms & Conditions, please contact Bare Arms using the address courses@barearms.co.uk.

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