2018 - BBC1

A Red / Studio Canal production for the BBC. Cpl Jamie McCain is injured in the line of duty. Whilst recovering, suspicious deaths in the hospital seem to point to an 'Angel of Death'. The Bare Arms team helped write and coordinate the Afghanistan scenes, trained, dressed and equipped the cast and rounded out the rest of Jamie's squad as well as advising on set in Spain.

A Euston Films production for the BBC. The world is due to end in 5 years time and two detectives are all that stands between the secret escaping and society collapsing. The Bare Arms team play shadowy agents trying to stop them in the first episode.

A Kudos production for Channel 4. Bare Arms provided a large number of specialist performers to play various types of androids in the returning flagship show.

A World Wide production for BBC1. Bare Arms trained and provided a wide selection of performers to play armed police throughout the series, in particular the opening and closing episodes.


2018 - Ch4

See what productions we've been involved with in the past. From script and set advice from our advisers, to supplying vehicles and equipment through our coordinators, and small armies thanks to our specialist teams. 

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A Euston Films / Freemantle production for the CH4 set during the aftermath of the 2003 invasion of Iraq based on the bestseller by Elliot Colla. The Bare Arms team were the military advisers throughout the production, including on location in Morocco and also played numerous specialist military roles.



2019 - BBC1


2018 - BBC1