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Does your scene need some authenticity, physicality or a specific skill set that extras can't provide? Our specialist teams are all military, or trainee stunt performers who are firearms trained and certified by us. All teams come with a team leader to assist and advise. 

At Bare Arms, we like to run our agency a little differently. We don't do background or crowds, we provide specialists who are certified by us personally. We deploy to set in small teams, led by an experienced Bare Arms Team Leader and we slot seamlessly into any production. Our Team Leaders are responsible for our performers on set and act as a single link between Bare Arms, the team and the production. This gives ADs one less thing to worry about and a single point of contact for any issues. Firearms experts are one of our specialities, but we have portrayed everything from special forces soldiers to shadowy government agents on screen.

All our performers have significant military experience, have specialist skills or are training for the stunt register (in some cases all three). They are a small tight-knit group of talented individuals who have been approved and verified by Bare Arms, and we are proud to have them represent us on set. 

We are there for our performers. We believe that having content and loyal performers leads to a better result on set and screen. We negotiate better rates on their behalf, look after them and help them get to and from set. Our policy is to never charge any commission on overtime or any other additional fees. We also give additional training in order to prepare teams for specific roles. No other agency offers all this.

Bare Arms Specialist Performers are a step-up from background extras. They are highly trained, physically robust whilst being dedicated and professional.