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Does your scene need some authenticity, physicality or a specific skill set that extras can't provide? Our specialist performers are either military, or trainee stunt performers who are firearms trained and certified by us. All teams come with a team leader to assist and advise. 

Our advisers are the bedrock of our company. They are experts in their field with years of military experience, and we'll find you the best and most qualified to suit any production. All are easy to get on with, understand the needs of production, and are at their most effective when brought on as early as possible and embedded into the production team.

Bare Arms provides highly specialised physical training and performance development for military acting roles, either one-on-one training or boot-camp style. This can include body transformation and/or performance coaching as well as in-depth character development.

Bare Arms is the one-stop shop for military productions. No other company provides such a comprehensively integrated service throughout production. Professional, knowledgeable and reliable with contacts in all the right places, the Bare Arms Team can bolt onto any production to assist from start to finish. 

Military Physical Personal Training for Actors

Bare Arms is licensed to provide prohibited weaponry for theatrical purposes and armourers to supervise and train on set. Everything from pistols to sniper rifles, WW1 weapons to modern day assault rifles. Call today for a chat about what we can do for your production.

In partnership withThe Tunnel, Bare Arms is a provider of Section 5 prohibited weaponry which means we can provide any firearms, including pistols and machine guns, as well as armourers to accompany them. We also run courses designed to teach performers of all levels how to use firearms safely and operate them like an expert.