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Shorts are an excellent way for up-and-coming talent to showcase their skills both in front and behind the camera, as well as providing proof of concept for feature films. As an ongoing commitment to independent productions, Bare Arms are proud to support some of these short films who normally wouldn't be able to afford the level of support we offer.

Through some of the UK's biggest TV production companies, such as Kudos, Wall to Wall and Worldwide Productions, we've been on every major terrestrial channel and some of the biggest flagship shows. Our specialists have portrayed soldiers, policemen, androids and secret agents. We have also worked on various documentaries.

See what productions we've been involved with in the past. From script and set advice from our advisers, to supplying vehicles and equipment through our coordinators, and small armies thanks to our specialist teams. 


From Hollywood blockbusters to independent features, we've had the opportunity to work on all levels and types of production. From prep, right the way through to post. Advisers, instructors, weaponry and vehicles for some of the biggest films around.