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Bare Arms provides highly specialised physical training and performance development for military acting roles, either one-on-one training or boot-camp style. This can include body transformation and/or performance coaching as well as in-depth character development.

Physicality and movement has become a large part of performance, and actors are going further than ever with their training to get the physical look of the characters they are portraying. This goes beyond just how a character looks, but how they perform, their stance and their bearing. Filming schedules can be punishing and actors want to be able to perform physically, injury free for the duration.

At Bare Arms, we can create a personalised training programme, tailored to an actors needs and the role that they are playing. This can include body transformation, performance coaching, functional movement, strength & conditioning, injury prevention and nutrition. 

Military mannerisms and characterisation are often difficult to get right on screen. All of our instructors are ex-military, and so undergoing any training with them as a bonus includes the additional benefit of in-depth character exploration and development, resulting in a much more effortless performance all round.

If you are interested in Military Physical Training please get in touch; 
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Head of Physical Training

Sergeant Steve 'Smudge' Smith joined the army and the elite Parachute Regiment in 1994. Whilst in the military he was selected to represent Great Britain in bobsled and later became the Army's head coach. He left the military in 2018 to work as a personal trainer and body fitness coach and is the physical training instructor for Bare Arms.

He has appeared as a firearms specialist performer in , 'Jack Ryan' and 'Baghdad Central' and has recently finished training Callum Turner for his role as Corporal Sean Emery in BBC1's 'The Capture'