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Oliver Hollis-Leick is a mocap performer who trained as an actor and whose skills are in high demand as a performer, instructor and now games designer. John Dower is a highly experienced director who has worked on productions such as EastEnders, Casualty and Grange Hill. They co-founded The Mocap Vaults which is now the gold standard in training for motion capture acting, directing and production. They have headquarters in London and Los Angeles, groups in Canada, India and South America, and all of their staff are veterans of the industry. 

Recognised by studios, game developers and VFX houses around the world, they have helped dozens of students to book work in the industry, and are our partners for the Military Mocap Masterclass.

Motion capture has been the area of the theatrical industries that has seen the largest growth in the last decade or two. The gaming industry has driven a large amount of this, as well as big budget mainstream film productions. There is a requirement for firearms and military trained performers who can also work in the field of 'mocap'.

Bare Arms has partnered with The Mocap Vaults to create the Military Mocap Masterclass which aims  to teach students how to portray a range of soldiers and combatants for motion capture.

The workshop takes place at Centroid Motion Capture studios in Pinewood where students will be suited up before embarking on a day of intense exercises focused on learning how to realistically embody the physicality, movement and signature characteristics of a range of soldier types. Students will also be filmed in HD to provide them with solid material for showreels.

Because the class is designed to build on existing training with both the Vaults and Bare Arms, students will need to have completed;

  • Bare Arms TFC L1: Basic
  • Mocap Vaults: Intro to Mocap Acting
  • Mocap Vaults: Heroes & Monsters 1 (formerly the Character class UK)

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