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"Armed And Deadly"

2018 - Endomol Shine for Ch5

One episode of this fascinating documentary about the history of abandoned buildings was dedicated to the Cambridge Hospital which treated major facial wounds after WW1. Bare Arms demonstrated the lethality of the munitions of the time and the effect they can have on the body.

Documentaries are where Bare Arms really comes to the fore. With an appetite for accuracy and a desire for technical detail we can help bring any documentary to life in innovative ways. One of our specialities is allowing filmmakers to fire firearms for real and film their effects.

A revealing and sympathetic documentary into the lives of Britain's most highly trained armed police, showing the level of training that they must go through and the tough decisions they must make in order to defeat the most violent and destructive of criminals. Bare Arms provided the firearms and range for some super slo-mo shots used during the program.


This new 5x60 series for BBC Two will tell the story of the Special Operations Executive (SOE) by painstakingly resurrecting their training programme, revealing how a group of ordinary men and women helped save Europe from within. 
This immersive new history series dusts down the organisation’s training manual as a team of military instructors puts 14 modern-day recruits through their paces to see if they’ve got what it takes to be a WW2 SOE agent...

"Secret Agent Selection: WW2"

2018 - Wall to Wall for BBC2