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​​​Al - Chief Operations Officer
Flight Lieutenant Alistair Paton joined The Royal Air Force and commissioned into the RAF Regiment in 2007. After multiple tours of Southern Afghanistan he became a 'Forward Air Controller', a highly specialised role which meant he was directing aircraft and missiles from the ground alongside the infantry. He has also passed the prestigious Commando course and is currently an instructor at Sandhurst. Al is the Co-Founder of Bare Arms, as well as the Chief Operations Officer. He is one of our firearms instructors.

Marc commissioned into the Royal Tank Regiment in 2009, deploying on combat operations to Afghanistan and later as mentor to a foreign counter-terrorist unit. He is a member of the British Stunt Register as well as a MOCAP performer and Parkour instructor. Marc has extensive experience of martial arts, which he is converting into screen combat skills. To date he has worked on 'Rogue One' and 'Kingsman2: The Golden Circle'.

Captain Alex von Brockdorff joined the British Army in 2008. Commissioning into a cavalry regiment, Alex served in Iraq before further training as a tank commander. In 2010, Alex was seconded to The Rifles where he deployed to Afghanistan as a mentor to the Afghan National Army. On leaving, Alex started training in earnest as an actor, adopting his stage name ‘Alex Brock'. Alex has worked in front of and behind camera on a vast number of projects - from coffee ads to Hollywood blockbusters such as 'Fury'. 


The Bare Arms Team

​​​Bags - Managing Director

Major Ben 'Bags' Simmons joined the British Army in 2007, and trained as a Challenger II Tank commander before being deployed to Afghanistan multiple times in various roles. He is the Co-Founder and Managing Director of Bare Arms and has appeared in productions such as 'Hard Sun' as an MI5 assassin and 'Secret Agent Selection: WW2' as the SS Interrogator. He is our chief firearms instructor and is a trained on-screen combatant with a variety of weaponry. In his spare time he volunteers for a disaster relief charity called Team Rubicon.

Bare Arms was set up in 2015 to provide military support to the film and television industry.  Our advisers experts in their fields and experienced on set.  Bare Arms can get you the people, the kit, the locations and the resources to bring any script to life. We relish any, and all challenges, technical or artistic, and we love being on set helping to get things made.